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Over the last several years I have worked to read my Bible on a regular basis and have read it through several times. My usual practice is to read straight through from Genesis to Revelation. This time, I decided to take a different approach and read some from the Old Testament, some from Psalms, some from Proverbs, and some from the New Testament. I don’t follow any particular reading plan but it generally works out to be one or two chapters each from the OT and NT, a Psalm, and a chapter from Proverbs. I am also reading with a pen this time to underline and make notes as I go along. This has slowed me down from my normal pace. On average, I read through the Bible in about 10 months. I estimate that it will take 12-18 months this time. This is reading done apart from Bible studies and devotionals.

My practice has also included reading a different version each time through. This time, however, I decided to re-read the New American Standard Bible (NASB). The NASB is my favorite version for several reasons. Primarily, it is just about as close to a word-for-word translation from the original languages as you can get while remaining readable.

I bought a new Bible to use for this read-through. It is the NASB Ultrathin Reference Bible from Foundation Publications (ISBN 978-1-58135-026-5). NOTE: This is not the Large Print Ultrathin (LPUT).

The cover is genuine leather. The genuine leather Bibles from Foundation Publications tend to be fairly stiff. The stiffness is mainly from the paste-down liner and not the leather cover itself. I considered sending it to a Bible rebinder to replace the stock paste-down liner with a genuine leather liner. However, I chose not to pursue this option as I would be without this Bible for several weeks. Rather, I decided to do what I could to loosen it up a bit. For the first couple of weeks I spent 2-5 minutes each time I read to roll and flex the cover to loosen it up.

Rolling the cover inward
Rolling the cover outward
Rolling from the corner

After doing all of this rolling and flexing the paste-down liner is somewhat wrinkled but the cover is more flexible.

Paste-down liner after rolling

As I said earlier, I generally do not follow a set reading plan. Most days, I read two chapters from the Old Testament, a chapter from the New Testament, one Psalm, and one chapter of Proverbs. Some days I may read more and others less. It all depends on how deep I get into the text and how much life interjects itself into my schedule. At the very least I read a chapter from Proverbs.

I track all of my reading using a Bible reading chart I put together several years ago. You can find it here on my site in the Bible Study Helps section. You can also download it directly. I keep mine taped in the back of my Bible so that it doesn’t accidentally fall out. This is a tip I picked up from Matthew Everhard on YouTube.

Bible reading chart taped inside the back of my Bible

I also picked up some other tips from Matthew’s videos. I use sticky flags to mark where I am reading and I keep several spares inside the front cover of my Bible along with a few sticky notes for those times when I don’t have any notepaper handy.

Sticky flags and notes

I use wide sticky flags on the edges of the page and place them just above the chapter I am to read next. If I need to start reading on an inside column, I mark my place with a smaller arrow sticky flag and keep the larger one at the edge of the page. The picture below shows both.

Sticky flags marking text to read next.

Now, some of you may be wondering what happened to the ribbon? I tried using it for a while but it got in the way more often than it helped. I will probably use it once I’m done reading through this volume so I tucked it out of the way in the spine

I carry this Bible with me to church and to work along with a thin notebook, several pens, and a flexible ruler. In order to keep everything together, I use a 8-inch tablet cover. The Bible is a bit too long to be able to close but it is a snug fit. If you have a smaller Bible, such as a Cambridge Pitt Minion, it will fit inside nicely and it will zip closed without an issue.


I will provide more details about the case, pens, ruler, and notebook in a later post.

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