Bible Page Layout Using Microsoft Word for Mac

I am currently doing a personal study of Paul’s epistle to Titus. I’m reading and comparing the book between several translations and also using an interlinear New Testament as well. As part of the study, I have written a version of Titus. It would best be called a paraphrase or maybe even a verse-by-verse commentary. I can’t really call it a translation as I’m not a student of Greek. In one online group I am a part of , I mentioned this study and how I’m putting together this version of Titus in Word in a familiar Bible-style page layout, complete with cross references. One of the group members asked if I could show how I did the work in Microsoft Word for Mac and so I put a video together showing the step-by-step process I use. It took me about seven minutes to create the document, format it, and add some cross references. In order to keep the time short, I copied and pasted the KJV text of 3 John and formatted it. I have posted the video to YouTube for your viewing. Please let me know what you think. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have. I am also making the file available for download here in PDF and Word .doc format. These files only have the cross references for 3 John 1.



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