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Biblical Studies Press released the NET Bible Second Edition in 2017. The only print format available for the NET2 is the full notes edition. It can be inconvenient to carry such a large Bible around and there are people who would enjoy a compact or reader’s edition of the NET2 to carry instead. However, Biblical Studies Press does not have the resources to produce a smaller edition of the NET2 at this time and there are no plans to do so in the future.

One of the stated goals of the project that produced the NET Bible was to create a translation could be used freely by churches and ministries without complicated licensing restrictions such as those of other modern translations. However, one of the restrictions of the NET Bible copyright is that any third party that makes the NET Bible available must make do so at no cost and that any edition containing the notes from the NET Bible can only be the original files provided by Biblical Studies Press. A PDF version of the first edition with full notes was available for download from Biblical Studies Press at one time but they no longer have the PDFs online. I do not believe that they plan on making PDFs of the second edition available. (NOTE: You can download the first edition PDFs here. Just click on the NET Bible tab above to go to the download page.)

The combination of this licensing restriction and the fact that Biblical Studies Press has no plans for other layout formats also means that we will not be seeing the NET in premium bindings from Allan, Schuyler, or Cambridge, nor will we see any wide margin editions. Or will we?

I am planning on remedying the latter, at least in part.

I have been working with different features in Microsoft Word and Apple Pages to approximate the layout of different Bibles such as the Cambridge Pitt Minion and the Schuyler Quentel. I have been using the book of Titus as the text and have completed a layout of the NET2 version and am making the PDF available for download. It is double-column, verse-by-verse, and wide margin with a Schuyler Quentel-like appearance.

I will be working on other books over time and will make them available as I complete them. Please realize that this is just something I do in my spare time and so there is no release schedule or any detailed plans other than this. In the meantime, please take a look at Titus and let me know what you think. The download link is below.

Titus – 69KB

Grace and peace,

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2 thoughts on “NET Bible, Second Edition

    1. Paul,

      The purpose of the layout was to provide wide margins in a double-column layout. Most of the double column Bibles I have on hand have five to eight words per line and my layout is comparable. Thank you for your input.

      Grace and peace,

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