180-Day Bible Reading Plan

180-Day Bible Reading Plan

As the new year approaches many people start thinking about what Bible reading plan they wish to follow for the coming year. I have followed reading plans a few times through the Bible but I usually simply read straight through from Genesis to Revelation at my own pace. Sometimes my pace is brisk and other times it is not.

During 2019, my family and I followed a one year Genesis-to-Revelation reading plan. I found this to be a bit slow for my liking this year and have decided to read through the Bible in 180 days once 2020 arrives. I didn’t find much in the way of prepared plans so I decided to develop my own 180-day Genesis-to-Revelation reading plan.

I designed the plan to take me through about the same amount of text each day. The length of each daily reading may very somewhat but I wanted to start each reading at the beginning of a chapter and end at the end of chapter. In order to accommodate that I had to adjust the length of each day’s reading as needed. I now have the plan ready for others to use and am making it available below. I have formatted it so it can be printed on two sides of a single page. Please let me know your thoughts about it.

180-Day Bible Reading Plan

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